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Uncover new approaches to securely accelerate your digital transformation to the cloud. Learn how you can use behavior analytics to understand risk and adapt security response through dynamic user risk scoring.

Protecting the human edge

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Tuesday, June 23 • 9am-3pm CDT


Ramin Beheshti

Matt Moynahan

Group Chief Product and Technology Officer



Dow Jones

Leave with a blueprint to SASE success

In five practical 30-minute sessions


Connectivity in a Borderless World - The New Edge
With your people working outside traditional offices and your data moving into cloud apps, more business is taking place outside the traditional enterprise boundary than inside. Your people are now your new perimeter. This session explores new approaches to secure connectivity that accelerate your digital transformation to the cloud.
Nico Fischbach
Global CTO
Secure Access for a Remote Work Environment
Transitioning overnight to working remotely (not just checking email) has shaken many organizations.

You’ve given people access to the apps they need, but will it scale for the long term? This session dives into ways you can securely provide access to apps everywhere, without the pain traditionally associated with VPNs

John Peterson
Chief Product Officer


Data Protection in a Multi-Cloud Environment
The traditional approach to data security does not encourage business productivity while still falling short when it comes to preventing data exfiltration.

Learn more about how user risk can help to get maximum from a data protection solution in a multi-cloud environment accessed by an increasingly mobile and remote workforce.

Eric Jackson
VP, Product Management
Keith Vallance
Head of Product
Boldon James


Becoming More Risk Aware by Understanding User Behavior
Today’s decentralized workforce offers an unprecedented risk landscape. Employees interact with enterprise data from anywhere. Attackers are getting in, and insider threats are on the rise.  Learn how behavior-centric analytics can differentiate between a trusted employee and a bad actor impersonating one.
Homayun Yaqub
Senior Director of Strategy


Blueprint for SASE Success
Implementing a true SASE architecture is a daunting task and it is not one size fits all approach.
This session provides a practical approach to SASE with evaluation criteria for SASE platforms, possibilities for leveraging existing investments, and areas for strategic investments.

Nico Popp
Chief Product Officer


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