Race to Raise the Bar 

Time's running out for V1 Raise the Bar compliance and as cyberthreats escalate, it's imperative that your cross domain solutions stay ahead of the adversary—particularly those that support the most critical missions. Discover the quantified and qualified benefits of Forcepoint Cross Domain solutions.

Forcepoint: industry leader & Raise the Bar-ready

Forcepoint continues to be the only commercial vendor with both Access and Transfer solutions recognized by the National Cross Domain Strategy Management Office (NCDSMO). 

Total Economic Impact of a Forcepoint Cross Domain Solution (Forrester)

Discover the quantified and qualified benefits of Forcepoint cross domain solutions for a
 DoD intel agency in this 
commissioned study.

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Race to Raise the Bar: Guarantee Compliance and Secure Your Mission

Secure information sharing is critical for agencies, but it can be cumbersome and unsecured. So how do agencies securely share across segmented networks? 

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Does your Transfer Guard Raise the Bar? 13 Yes-or-No Questions to Ask

Raising the Bar on Gov Cybersecurity George Kamis, CTO, Forcepoint

In this episode, George Kamis, CTO for the Federal Arm of Forcepoint discusses his perspective on the US Government’s Raise The Bar cybersecurity initiative. 

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Cross Domain Solutions

Learn more about how Forcepoint Efficiency and security for segmented network environments even as the cost to protect complex regulated industries continues to increase.

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Four Reasons Why 
“Buy” Trumps “Build”

Why build if it already exists? Learn more about the strengths of COTS and why GOTS should no longer be a viable alternative.

Take the pain out of upgrading with Forcepoint

Take the pain out of upgrading with Forcepoint

Everything you need

Our products work together seamlessly and integrate with your existing environment.

Secure access to multiple domains from just one device

Trusted Thin Client

Secure rapid data transfer between segmented networks

High Speed Guard

Secure data transfers for your mission-critical files, every time

Trusted Gateway System

Consolidate printing to a single, secure location

Trusted Print Delivery

Secure exchange of email across multiple sensitive networks

Trusted Mail System

Secure data transfer for training and testing environments


Secure HTTP traffic & access to web-based resources


Eliminate manual data transfers between segmented networks

Data Guard

Enterprise SD-WAN meets the #1 most secure next gen firewall


A single policy to protect your data, wherever it is


Complete security for all 
cloud applications

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Is Your Guard Compromising Your Agency’s Mission?

Your current guard probably meets basic requirements, but what about video, custom rule sets and enabling end users to set and deploy data flows? Find out how not having these crucial features could lead to your team finding risky workarounds. 

Evaluate how Raise the Bar-ready and comprehensive your current solution is for your needs with these 13 questions. 

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