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SUNY Plattsburgh is a State University in New York and since its founding in 1889 as a teaching college, it’s had a strong history of meeting regional and statewide needs for higher education. 

The network team at SUNY has seen several benefits from Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall including using it to troubleshoot application-level problems, such as desktop scanning/printer issues for example, by examining network traffic. In fact, they’re leveraging Next-Gen Firewalls redundancy features and their uptime is over 99.999%.

Securing the Edge in Higher Education

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With the rising number of threats that lurk on the outside, and the added complexity of students and faculty both on-site and virtual, you need to work harder than ever to maintain uninterrupted connectivity and control over widely distributed networks. This can be more difficult to manage over the long term.

Spend 45 minutes with Jim Lucas, Network Manager at SUNY Plattsburgh and hear how they've gained visibility and performance through Forcepoint Next-Generation Firewall, protecting them from external threats while enabling free sharing of information and content within the university environment.  

Applying protection of and ensuring connectivity to networks in- and outside academic walls. 

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Fireside Chat with SUNY Plattsburgh | 5 January 2022 10:00 GMT

Jim Lucas
Network Manager
SUNY Plattsburgh

Yuval Sarig
Sr. Solutions Engineer Forcepoint