Our risk-adaptive, human-centric approach helps 
the Department of Energy maneuver constantly changing risk

Forcepoint offers a game-changing approach 
to government cybersecurity
Human behavior + AI and data science + threat intelligence research
Human-centric. Risk-adaptive. CDM DEFEND approved.

Forcepoint's Government Cybersecurity Podcast

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Protect Department of Energy Resources & Critical Infrastructure with Forcepoint

You’ll learn how a human-centric, risk-adaptive approach can help the Department of Energy be more proactive in order to automate policy enforcement to deter data loss events.


Download this guide to see how DOE can achieve unified data protection extending from on-premises to the cloud. Learn why security from cloud and cloud application providers isn’t enough.


In 2019, attackers will stop at nothing evade detection through new techniques. Check out insights from Forcepoint researchers and data scientists on what’s in store for government cybersecurity.


Cyber Behavior Catalog

Automatically maps observations made over many different data sources and times to actual human and machine behaviors

Allows DOE to focus on those entities which truly pose the highest level of risk to the Department and infrastructure

Adaptive Trust Profile

Behavior and Threat Intelligence

Systems that continuously improve their ability to provide dynamic, adaptive protection of the DOE's data, people, and machines.


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