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Forcepoint continues to be the only commercial vendor with both Access and Transfer solutions recognized by the NCDSMO.

The following Forcepoint solutions meet the NSA Raise The Bar guidelines:

  • Forcepoint High Speed Guard and High Speed Guard SP V5, specializing in rapid, machine-to-machine data transfer. Download the product datasheet here.  
  • Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System V5, specializing in file transfer with two-person review workflow. Download the product datasheet here
  • Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client (Trusted Thin Client Remote) V2, which provides seamless, simultaneous access to multiple networks from a single device. Download the product datasheet here
  • Forcepoint SimShield V3, specializing in data transfer in multi-level training and testing environments. Download the product datasheet here.

Most recently Forcepoint Cross Domain Solutions have achieved TSABI and SABI authorizations across the product line.

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